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We teach confidence, discipline, respect and self defence skills all in a fun class
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What Is Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu?

Do you want to learn how to protect yourself against a larger individual in self-defence situations? Brazilian jiu-jitsu is a martial art and combat sport that teaches a smaller person how to defend himself against a larger opponent by using leverage and proper technique.

At Champs Academy our Jiu Jitsu classes are taught by World Class Jiu Jitsu athletes. We focus our classes on increasing flexibility, improving strength and stamina as well as learning practical Jiu Jitsu techniques that apply to real world situations.

You're Kids Need A Structured Routine.

It is important for children to have a structured routine. Our schedule is set up so that your child can attend at least 2 classes a week. This helps your child learn to be consistent with everything they do. The more classes they go to, the faster they will progress.
Life Skills

Learn Valuable Life Skills

Sports teach lots of things but Martial Arts classes focus on Respect, Focus, Discipline while your kid's burn off their energy and have a blast doing it.
Self Defence

Equip Your Kids With The Tools To Protect Themselves.

A huge part of our curriculum is teaching our students self defense. Whether it’s a bully at school or a stranger on the street, we will equip your child’s with the tools to protect themselves. We also teach your kids the proper skills to defuse a situation without having to be physical (when possible).

Get In A Fun Workout.

Our Taekwondo classes will burn off your child’s energy while they have fun doing it! We spend the beginning of each class working on our students strength and conditioning. We teach our students the importance of staying healthy and active.

Meet Your Instructor

Master Morrison
Over 37 Years Of Martial Arts Experience
5th Dan Taekwondo Blackbelt
Brown Belt In BJJ
2018 Canadian National BJJ Champion
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Learn at your own pace.

Our programs are tailored to each of our students so that you can progress at your own rate.
We understand that everyone learns differently. Whether you are looking to pursue martial arts as a way to get exercise and learn self defence or you want to become the next champion, our academy is perfect for you.


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What People Say

"Amazing place and great fun for the whole family."

- Kevin Wells

What People Say

"My son is in the after school program and it is his favourite thing!"

- Amanda Bartlett

What People Say

"Champs academy is a well run program that focuses on skill, discipline, focus and respect"

- Crystal Pratt

What People Say

"This club is absolutely AMAZING!"

- Peter Morgan

What People Say

"Such an awesome place, with an even better environment."

- Mateo Thompson

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